Government changes to ‘sleep-in’ payments are threatening to take away vital support from thousands of disabled people. This support allows them to live a safe and independent life in the community.

The care sector has been landed with a £400 million bill, and many providers now face bankruptcy. The Government has caused this problem and only they can fix it.

Why is Mencap campaigning?

The Government’s bill of £400 million to the care sector is a threat to the vital support thousands of disabled people receive; support which allows them to live a safe and independent life in the community.

This massive bill could mean the end of social care as we know it.

The sector is now faced with a real and potentially overwhelming funding crisis as care providers and local authorities have to find additional money. Money which, is many cases, simply isn’t there. Mencap have created a petition, calling on the Government to avert a crisis in the sector.

They are urging the Government to fix the problem they have caused by:

  • stopping any HMRC enforcement action until the law is clarified and a final, clear decision is made on back-pay
  • accepting their responsibility and making an urgent, public commitment to fund the back-pay bill.

The future care of the most vulnerable people in our society must be protected.

On Wednesday 27 July 2017 the Government announced a 2 month suspension of HMRC’s enforcement action. But this did not address the catastrophic impact of the back payments on the sector.

How you can help

Sign the petition

The petition aims to #StopSleepInCrisis by calling on the Government to fix the problem that they have caused.