We are asking you to help promote the importance of good hand washing practice. We, as Third Sector partners, are the first to access these new campaign resources which you can download within the next four weeks using this link.

Here’s how you can help:

  • If you would like printed posters (can also do mirror/window stickers) for use in community venues, please email specifying quantities and delivery address: [email protected]
  • If you have connections with South Asian businesses or places like shisha bars, could you please help with sharing the message that has ‘bewafa’ written on it. This message will only work with this audience but all others are designed for wider community
  • Please share the social media assets included in the resource pack across your channels. The nature of this campaign is to target younger people who are more likely to have been born/educated here so this is an English only campaign. The message to go with the social media graphics should be “On average you touch your face 345 times a day. To protect yourselves and others, wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.”