A fantastic new exhibition of work by 13 disabled artists based in Leeds, Possible All Along, has gone live as part of #LeedsForAll, the celebration of International Day of Disabled People.

It is a space to show that disabled artists are an important part of the cultural landscape of the city. The exhibition includes painting, digital art, photography, sculpture and film. It features the following artists: alabamathirteen, Si Denbigh, Alfie Fox, Sarah Francis, Mindy Goose, Stephen Harvey, Kirsty Ramsay Hogan, Lily Lavorato, Judit Mathe, Nicole Murmann, Vickie Orton, Ruthie Reynolds, Ria.

The statement about the exhibition says:
“As disabled artists, we look back on this turbulent year with mixed feelings. We’re pleased that arts organisations are now regularly showing their work and events online and engaging with audiences in virtual spaces. At last! In a world of disabling barriers, the internet offers possibilities for greater access and connections for many disabled people. And it gives us an opportunity to share our art. But without doubt, the pandemic is affecting disabled people really badly. It’s affecting our health, making us more isolated and causing financial problems.”

The exhibition will be online for at least a year. Gill Crawshaw has curated the exhibition and would love to hear from other disabled artists in Leeds – we know there are many others out there!
You can get in touch via the website http://possibleallalong.co.uk/ or email: [email protected]

To find out more about this week’s celebrations, visit: https://forumcentral.org.uk/international-day-of-disabled-people-2020-leedsforall/