Are you interested in online support for caring for a friend or family member affected by psychosis?

A new online resource for carers of people with psychosis has been developed called COPe-support. COPe-support provides peer support, information on psychosis and ways for carers to look after themselves, all online via

We are running a study to find out if COPe-support works to improve carers’ wellbeing and how well they cope with caring. We are inviting carers supporting a loved one affected by psychosis to join the study. Carers can be parents, partners, siblings, other relatives or close friends.

If you are supporting a loved one affected by psychosis, aged 18 or above, living in England, and enjoy using internet resources, we would like to tell you more about COPe-support.

Please visit our website, or Twitter @COPe-support, or contact Alice Locker on 0113 85 52441, [email protected]; or Sam Bennett on 0113 85 52741, [email protected].