Here at the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group in Leeds it is our job to plan and pay for NHS services. We are involved in some really exciting work here at the moment that involves supporting older people and people who are more vulnerable (those with conditions which might make it harder to bounce back when they are unwell or have an accident).

We want to understand how we can improve our services so that these people are supported to live happily, healthily and independently.

In Leeds there are two parts to this work:

1. Understanding what matters to people when they have an intervention like an operation.

2. Understanding how people use technology like mobile phones, ipads or fitbits to stay in touch with family and support them to live active, safe and independent lives.

If you are an older person, someone living with a condition that makes it harder to bounce back from illness or you are a carer . we would love to speak with you. We can offer you a safe space to share what really matters to you and hear what you think about using technology to support your health.

If you would like to share your thoughts, please contact [email protected] or call 0113 8435475