Over the last year, NHS Leeds CCG has asked for people’s views on a range of NHS services in Leeds.

With support from volunteers and partner organisation they spoke with approximately 5800 people about various services in Leeds including maternity, mental health, urgent care and primary care.

They have now published a report detailing how they have engaged with people over the course of last financial year and how their voice influenced their commissioning decisions.

Involving You 2018-19 is written for anyone with an interest in their public engagement work, including patients, members of the public, healthcare professionals, voluntary sector organisations, service providers and the local authority.

Involving You is available to read or download from their website here: Involving You: Working with local people to  improve health service in Leeds 2018-19

Hard copies of the report will also be available from mid-June.

If you would like hard copies of the report please contact Andra Szabo, Engagement officer, NHS Leeds CCG: [email protected] | 0113 843 5442