Last year the Workforce Workstream tasked Occupational Therapists to come together from across partner organisations in Health and Care to see how they could work differently as ‘one workforce’.

Occupational Therapists are employed across health and care including statutory, independent and third sector organisations, so it was felt that the Occupational Therapy workforce would be a good place to start.

Four workshops were held towards the end of last year, with good representation from the three health trusts, the council and some third sector organisations that employ Occupational Therapists.  The outputs of the sessions have resulted in a recommendations report which has been signed off at the end of April.

They are now looking to establish four working groups to start taking the recommendations forward and wanted to reach out to the third sector to see if there are any other OT’s that would like to get involved with this work and also ask if there are any organisations that could see where OT’s could add benefit to the work they do – this links with role emerging placements and OT’s having the aspiration to change the way and places they work.

If you are interested in linking into this work please contact  Claire Matson, Workforce Project Manager – Primary and Social Care, Transformation Board – Workforce Workstream

Mob: 07545 604297 |

A high level outline of the working groups can be found here