Leeds City Council’s Health Partnerships Team is setting up a new reference group to make sure that people who are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (people who are ‘shielding’) are able to stay happy and healthy at home, making the decisions about their own health and wellbeing that ‘are right for me’, because they have received relevant and tailored messaging and information.

The team would like to work with up to 30 people who can help them to tailor messages and give information a human touch. If you can use your skills and experience to meet the needs of people who speak different languages, people from a range of cultural backgrounds, people with particular physical or sensory requirements or people who are caring for those who are shielding, they would love to hear from you.

 What is the commitment?

There will be weekly virtual (likely over Zoom) focus group sessions where everyone comes together to find out about the current messages. Then volunteers will draw on their knowledge and experience to shape the message to be relevant for different communities and groups. You will work jointly with the Health Partnerships Team to communicate the messages to the diverse citizens of Leeds who are clinically extremely vulnerable.

Is this opportunity for me?

The reference group is all about putting people who are extremely clinically vulnerable at the heart of messaging and the aim is for all groups and communities are able to be involved. For example, translators / interpreters could be provided to enable to you to participate in the virtual calls; any voiceover or face to camera work will be at a level you are comfortable with; digital support and iPad lending via partners can be offered.

Reference group members will be thanked for their participation and contribution for every week they take part in the reference group activities – this could be shopping vouchers or a donation to a community organisation as preferred. The project could also be a great way to build up interpreting / translation experience for your CV.

How do I get involved?

It would be amazing if we could find a diverse group of people to be part of the project to make shielding messages relevant! To find out more, please contact [email protected]