A new report published by the Centre for Mental Health features Leeds City Council as one of a number of case studies from local councils who are playing a role in improving the mental health of their communities.

Our place: local authorities and the public’s mental health shows that local leadership and close partnership with communities can help to promote public mental health. It demonstrates that local councils are uniquely able to bring organisations and communities together, creating a strong sense of place and shared commitment to improving mental health and reducing inequalities.

 The report acknowledges that local authorities are taking this important role while working on limited, and often diminishing, budgets. Last week, Centre for Mental Health called on the Government to prioritise funding for local authority public health and social care services in its forthcoming Spending Review. We believe this is crucial to support better mental health for all, never more so than in the wake of Covid-19 and its profound effects on our wellbeing.

The report highlights the Mentally Healthy Leeds whole city approach to creating a Mentally Healthy city.

You can read the review online here.