Forum Central has been asked to feed back about what people are seeing in terms of the growing impact of ‘long covid’, the long-lasting impact of coronavirus infection.

This is something that is not yet fully understood as many people are experiencing it without necessarily having had a positive Covid test. The most common symptoms people report are fatigue, ongoing shortness of breath, muscle pains, chest pains, palpitations, “brain fog” and anxiety, although a wide range of other symptoms have been reported.

It is not clear at the moment whether having a previous long term condition makes it any more or less likely that people would get Long Covid if they were to catch the virus. Many people reporting Long Covid symptoms had no pre-existing health problems. We do know that Covid-19 has a disproportionate effect on certain parts of the population, including older people, care home residents, those living in deprived areas, and people from Black and ethnic minority communities.

It is important that the particular needs and issues in relation to Long Covid within these groups is understood and that clinical and other sources of support are accessed. If you have any insight or examples to share regarding the people who work with and support experiencing Long Covid, please get in touch via [email protected]