Physical and Sensory Impairment (PSI) Network and Volition have merged.

This is a message from David Blythe and Tessa Denham, co-chairs of the PSI-Volition board:

We are pleased to announce that the proposed merger between the PSI Network and Volition was agreed by our members at the general meeting on 9 November. The organisation will be known as PSI-Volition, having a joint focus of physical and sensory impairment and mental health.

The PSI-Volition board of trustees will be co-chaired by David Blythe, former PSI Network chair and Tessa Denham, former Volition chair.

David, the Manager of William Merritt Disabled Living Centre, said:

“PSI Network has evolved over the last couple of years, going from strength to strength. This is a fantastic next step which allows us to have an even bigger impact locally and beyond for our member organisations and physical or sensory impairment issues. Mental health and wellbeing is closely linked to physical and sensory impairment – we know many of our members are keen to bring both of these areas of health and care together. PSI-Volition will be even stronger than before, with a louder voice for all our members.”

Tessa, Chief Executive of Leeds Women’s Counselling and Therapy Service, said:

“The organisations have already been working closely, so it’s exciting that we’re now bringing mental health together with physical and sensory impairment together like this. We’re passionate about health, inclusion and seeing people or needs instead of labels or groups. We believe that PSI-Volition will be an even stronger voice for our member organisation. We’re looking forward to achieving more together.”


Notes: PSI-Volition is a merger between the Physical and Sensory Impairment (PSI) Network and Volition (the mental health network), third sector, not-for-profit organisations that support people’s health and wellbeing in Leeds.

The merger has been agreed with the Charities Commission, with an update to the articles of association and terms of reference for Volition, under the registered charity number 1092126.

PSI-Volition is part of Forum Central, the voice of the health and care third sector in Leeds. Forum Central is delivered in partnership with Leeds Older People’s Forum and Tenfold (the Learning Disabilities Forum).