Re-Engage is currently developing new small social groups in South East Leeds around Rothwell, Methley, Garforth

They are looking for 6 over 75 year olds who are becoming isolated in their own homes.

They have all the volunteers in place to start this group where guests are picked up by a driver taken to a hosts house for tea and cake and chat and are taken home again on a Sunday afternoon once a month.

Re-Engage is planning to launch this group in April.

If you would like more details you can contact Debra Meynell, Development Officer Yorkshire Support Officer North West and West Midlands at [email protected] or telephone: 0759 129 0571

About Re-engage
Re-Engage (formerly Contact the Elderly) is committed to older people being heard, valued and engaged

They exist to bring older people together into social groups at a time in their lives when their social circles are diminishing.

Last year, nearly 7,000 older guests were part of over 900 groups across the UK, supported by 12,000 volunteers.

You can find out more at their website…