The Rebalancing the Relationship Report investigates competition and collaboration between voluntary organisations and social enterprises of different sizes

In February 2021 NCVO, ACEVO and Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales has launched a report on competition and collaboration between larger and smaller charities and social enterprises.

The Rebalancing the Relationship project began in 2108 with an aim of contributing to the improvement, frequency, effectiveness, and spirit of partnerships between larger and smaller charities and social enterprises.

The report sets out findings which can make for an uncomfortable to read, but it is clear that this is not about blame or singling out a particular organisation or type of charity. It is about better understanding the power imbalances inherent in collaboration and competition, demonstrating accountability where things haven’t gone right in the past, and creating a stronger voluntary sector ecosystem.

Many voluntary sector organisations may have already put in place changes to how they operate, and this report provides insight, advice and guidance for others also seeking to make positive changes.

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