UK Youth recently published a report highlighting the impact Covid-19 is likely to have on young people and the youth sector during and after the pandemic.

Between 20-27 March 2020, UK Youth surveyed the needs of the youth sector and young people in
the wake of COVID-19, and potential long-term impact. Feedback predicts that the impact on young people will include the following, ranked in order of importance (based on number of responses):

  1. Increased mental health or wellbeing concerns
  2. Increased loneliness and isolation
  3. Lack of safe space – including not being able to access their youth club/ service and lack of safe spaces at home
  4. Challenging family relationships
  5. Lack of trusted relationships or someone to turn to
  6. Increased social media or online pressure
  7. Higher risk for engaging in gangs, substance misuse, carrying weapons or other harmful practices
  8. Higher risk for sexual exploitation or grooming

The report also contains information on how Youth Organisations are adapting and innovating in the face of Covid-19.

Read the report in full here.