Help with this research by completing the online survey which aims to find out how accessible the public transport system in Leeds currently is.

The research is being conducted by Graduate Transport Planner, Rachel Kirby to inform a research paper for the Transport Planning Society 2020 Bursary Competition.

The topic this year is ‘A transport system that is accessible for everyone – how do we make this happen?’. In line with this topic, the research paper title is: ‘Could a more accessible public transport system be a by-product of the Covid-19 pandemic? A case study of Leeds’.

As much data as possible is needed to help inform the paper so if you or someone you know would be interested in taking part there are two ways to help:

  • Complete the online survey:
  • Volunteer for a telephone interview – this will involve a smaller group of people and will be more detailed, lasting approximately 30 minutes. If you are interested in being interviewed on this subject please contact [email protected]

Further Information

The paper is to be completed by the 18th December and presented early next year. Any help would be appreciate to either take part in the research or helping to share the research with others who live or travel in the Leeds area that may be interested in taking part.

From this research, the hope is to gain an insight into how accessible the public transport system is in Leeds at the moment, any problems that currently exist, and whether the normalisation of homeworking could help to overcome any difficulties that people with disabilities face when travelling to work. Perhaps the option to work from home could even encourage more people to join the labour force. The pandemic has accelerated the move to more flexible work practices and it would be good to find out if this behavioural change could be beneficial for people with disabilities.

To inform the paper, Rachel is looking to collect data via a survey and telephone interviews. With as many responses as possible from the survey, but fewer people needed for the interviews as these will be more detailed.

Rachel hopes to use this research to help inform employers how to make workplace practices more inclusive and/or to help provide feedback on the accessibility of the public transport system in Leeds.