The Government has advised that those who are clinically extremely vulnerable should continue to shield until 31st March 2021.

Based on updated evidence,  the Government has added 1.7m people to the shielding list based on their estimated risk. Half of these are over 70 and half are under. 11,040 people aged under 70 have been added to the list in Leeds. New additions to the group are largely made up of people whose combination of factors give them an equivalent risk to those already identified as clinically extremely vulnerable.

The entire clinically extremely vulnerable group, but particularly those newly added, are encouraged to register on the NSSS national system as a way of asking for assistance. The helpline can help people register using the online system, but all services and staff are encouraged in the first instance to support any individual to register on the national system.

This Routes to Support document contains details of all the support currently in place for people who are advised to shield in Leeds.

This version, updated 16 February 2021 includes:

o   Information on the expanded cohort

o   Information on accessing financial assistance

o   Access to cultural food

o   Information on vaccine availability

o   Versions of the shielding advice in additional languages.

The document is intended to assist anyone working with people in Leeds who may have been advised that they are clinically extremely vulnerable to Covid-19. Local support is available via the following routes: