We’ve produced a booklet listing all members to date of the PSI Network CIO, one of the partners in Forum Central. In case you missed it, you can download it here (pdf 2MB).

The PSI Network supports third sector organisations that work to improve the lives of disabled people in Leeds. We promote the social model of disability, and the inclusion, independence and equality of disabled people.

The booklet is also available on the PSI (physical & sensory impairment) page of this website – you’ll find it in the Members section: https://forumcentral.org.uk/physical-sensory-impairment/.

While you’re there, you might want to check out other information about the PSI Network and some useful links. We’ve recently added links to websites that provide local access information, for example, along with a recent student research report and other resources.

Membership of the PSI Network is open to third sector organisations that work with or support disabled people with physical or sensory impairments. Information about joining the network can also be found on our web-page.