Battles Scars deliver several Self-harm peer support groups in Leeds.

They run five adult self-harm peer support groups in Leeds. There are daytime and evening groups, running every four weeks each in east, west, south and central Leeds.

No booking or referral is required and individuals can attend multiple groups.

The groups are suitable for any adults who self-harm (from scratching and cutting to overdosing and eating disorders) and those who support them (if you’re a professional attending on your own, please email or ring Battle Scars so that they can maintain a good balance at the group).

People affected by self-harm can attend whichever group whenever, and as many as they like.  They can bring a friend or someone they trust.

Carers of young people who self-harm welcome (specialist group to launch later this year).

Professionals welcome too but please let us know you’re coming.

Relaxed atmosphere, they don’t have to speak or take part if they’re not up to it, run by highly trained volunteers and staff with current personal self-harm experience who are used to working with very anxious people.

Group sizes vary, currently the Seacroft and city centre ones are the quietest.

We accept people as they are and help them achieve their goals relating to self-harm by learning to manage their behaviour, finding ways to feel better about themselves and no longer feeling alone.

Full details are available on the Battle Scars website and Facebook page.


Facebook: @BattleScarsSelfHarmUK

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07410 380 747