Specialist Autism Services is currently offering the following services to their members.

Usually, Special Autism Services run social skills workshops at their service in Leeds. These are groups for adults on the autism spectrum, with different topics such as art, wellbeing, and cookery. However, due to the pandemic, during this time staff are working from home, and members (service users) are also at home and are now using Zoom for the online groups.

Therefore, the service they currently offer for members is:

  • Members receive a wellbeing call on the day they are funded to attend which will last up to 30 minutes (or they can choose email contact or one to one Zoom contact)
  • They are able to attend as many Zoom workshops during the week as they like.

An overview of what else is being offered during lockdown can be viewed here: Leeds Service Provision Easy Read.docx Leeds Service Provision.docx

A Zoom timetable can be found on the website https://www.specialistautismservices.org/video-workshop-timetable-leeds / The timetable changes slightly each week. The activities range from discussions to quizzes, music, dancing, and art.