UCL has launched a study into the psychological and social effects of Covid-19 in the UK.

Researchers are aiming to recruit a large sample of adults living in the UK to help understand the effects of coronavirus and social distancing measures on individuals.

They will then use the data to help them to track trajectories of mental health and loneliness in the UK over the coming weeks by identifying which groups are most at risk and to understand the effects of any potentially protective activities people could be engaging in.

The researchers will provide public data each week and the team are liaising with key policy and healthcare bodies within the UK and other countries to produce cross-national comparisons.

The study is open to all people over age 18 in the UK. Participation involves answering a 15-minute online survey now and then answering a shorter 10-minute follow-up survey once a week whilst social isolation measures are in place.

To read more or apply to take part in the study, visit: https://redcap.idhs.ucl.ac.uk/surveys/?s=TTXKND8JMK