West Yorkshire and Harrogate Partnership met in December to explore what systems are in place to support patients with post- Covid syndrome and to identify what clinical and non-clinical pathways would be needed in future.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence have defined post-Covid syndrome as:

Signs and symptoms that develop during or following an infection consistent with COVID-19 which continue for more than 12 weeks and are not explained by an alternative diagnosis. The condition usually presents with clusters of symptoms, often overlapping, which may change over time and can affect any system within the body. Many people with post-COVID syndrome can also experience generalised pain, fatigue, persisting high temperature and psychiatric problems. Post-COVID-19 syndrome may be considered before 12 weeks while the possibility of an alternative underlying disease is also being assessed.

Patients with post-Covid syndrome can access ‘Your Covid Recovery’, an online interactive rehabilitation platform supporting those recovering from Covid 19. The platform contains information and advice on what patients might expect as part of their recovery. It can be accessed at: https://www.yourcovidrecovery.nhs.uk/

The Primary Care Wellbeing Service from Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust are offering a 7 week Recovering from Covid Course for patients to optimise their recovery. The start date of the course is Wednesday 20th January at 1-2 pm. To register for the course the team can be contacted at [email protected] .