A new project at Swarthmore Education Centre called Swarthmore Connected has been funded by the National Lottery Coronavirus Community Support Fund to support individuals to feel more connected through digital technologies.

Covid 19 has led to increased social isolation and a widening of the digital divide. This project aims to connect people to Swarthmore, and to each other, with a new Chrome Book loan and support scheme, providing them with new opportunities for engagement and support through digital engagement opportunities.

Volunteers will be available to assist people who have very little or no IT experience and skills. They will be supporting participants with tasks ranging from logging on and using basic software, to accessing the internet, using online platforms and engaging in informal online groups and workshops. They will begin the support via phone calls to the participant, guiding them through at their own rate of learning. They will gradually progress to working online.

Volunteers can also assist if someone has their own device, but is struggling to use it.

When the participants feel they are ready, there will be opportunities for them to join informal online workshops. These will be arts and crafts, well-being, chatty cafes/ Esol and possibly some with further computer skills such has using Google Drive etc. There will also be some signposting workshops towards the end of the project in March.

If you would like to know more about this project, or discuss a possible participant, please contact Penny Lewis on [email protected] or 07845 327790 (Available Monday am, Tues – all day, Weds – pm, Thurs pm, Fri – am). Or you can phone Kim Taylor 07485 327790 (Thurs am, Friday all day).

Participants who could benefit from this opportunity can complete this form:

Swarthmore Connected Participant referral form

If you know someone who you think might be interested you can complete the form on their behalf.


Swarthmore Connected poster - email shown is connected@swarthmore.org.uk website shown is www.swarthmore.org.uk