Healthwatch Leeds is looking for people with multiple health conditions who could help to improve health and care services by sharing their experiences.

They are looking for people with multiple health conditions and/or a family member who cares for them who would be willing to talk with the team once a month over a six month period to record their story.

They want to hear about their monthly experiences of health and care services to help understand their journey as a patient or carer and how it feels to receive care in Leeds. During the current Covid 19 situation, they are open to talking to people in a number of different ways, however people feel comfortable (eg by recorded phone call, socially distanced filming or people videoing or audio recording video diaries). The recorded updates/videos (once approved by the participant) will be shared with staff across the health and care system and with health and care leaders to help them understand how they can make improvements.

Healthwatch is particularly interested to hear the experiences of people from the following groups:

  • People who have had their treatment paused or affected in another way during lockdown
  • People who care for someone with multiple health conditions and how lockdown has affected them and the person they care for
  • People with mental health problems or their relative/carer
  • Men
  • People from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds

You can find more information about the project and watch the films that have been made so far here.

If you know someone who might be interested or would like any more information, please contact Harriet Wright on 07741 294004 or [email protected]