Hear my safeguarding story

By Richard Jones CBE, Independent Chair, Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board

I am very pleased to announce that from 2nd March 2020 we will be offering people supported within our multi-agency safeguarding procedures, the chance to provide feedback on their experience.

This is an opportunity for us to learn and develop our approach, informed by the views and experiences of those people who matter most, citizens in Leeds.

We have asked Advonet, an organisation with considerable experience of working with people in difficult and sensitive circumstances, to help us to gather people’s stories.

To ensure people feel they can speak openly and honestly, the Board will not ask for or receive any information about people who have given feedback or have been involved in providing their support.

We hope that this will enable more people to feel able to take part. We will use the learning to inform safeguarding practice, procedures and workforce development.

This is a tremendous opportunity for us. We know that people can often find it difficult to provide feedback at such a difficult time in their life and that safeguarding leads and those undertaking safeguarding enquiries will have a vital role in ensuring people are provided with the chance to provide feedback, in a way that helps them to feel able to do so.

There is information about the project, including the questions that citizens will be asked, which can be downloaded below:

These questions and materials have been produced in partnership with a citizen panel.

I hope your teams will find this information helpful.

For further information about the project, please contact Advonet: