Meirav is the Interim Mental Health Network Development Consultant

Meirav is a Leeds based social impact consultant and will be supporting Forum Central as interim mental health development worker. She has been part of the third sector for the past 25 years and in the last two years she’s made it official by starting a social impact consultancy business.

As a consultant Meirav supports the growth and development of organisations, helping them create real social impact. She brings strategic thinking to the team and has worked with organisations across the different specialisms in the third sector, including: Comic Relief, LCF, WasteAid, and HFJ among others. In 2014 she founded ‘Yorkshire More’, a social enterprise producing jams and chutneys, supporting people with mental health problems.

She loves traveling with her partner and two daughters to places that make them rethink their life, and act as social change makers as part of their identity. She also loves to spend time with and cook for friends and family. Meirav has dual nationality and is bilingual with hopes of becoming multilingual. Her motto in life is ‘it has to matter’!

Email: [email protected]