By Jane Robinson, Manager, Leeds Bereavement Forum


James NorrisAs part of their regular talks around death, dying and loss, Leeds Bereavement Forum’s August speaker will be James Norris, founder of the Digital Legacy Association and who is coming to Leeds to talk about our Digital Legacy on Wednesday 31 August.

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Digital Legacy

The Internet is the biggest and most disruptive force since the industrial revolution. The average person in the UK now spends more time using technology devices than they do sleeping (Ofcom 2014).

This has changed the way we behave and communicate with one another. It has also changed the way we prepare for death and remember those we have lost.  James’ presentation will examine a number of these changes and their sociological impact.

He will provide advice as to how healthcare and social care professionals can better support patients to utilise internet and technology to prepare for death and remember the deceased.

Digital Legacy Association

The Digital Legacy Association was setup to support end of life and palliative care professionals in areas relating to digital legacy and digital assets. They do so through training, campaigning, events and providing best practice frameworks.

Over the last four years it has been James’ mission to help people prepare for death in both the digital and real world. James is also a lecturer in digital media and social media at University College London.