Time to Shine and Leeds Older People’s Forum (LOPF) have launched a new campaign called Time to Shine a Light on Loneliness.

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown has meant that many people will have experienced loneliness for the first time in their lives. We all know that loneliness and social isolation was a real experience for many people before lockdown and may well continue to be beyond, when the rest of the world returns to their socially connected lives.

Time to Shine and LOPF would like to use the empathy and understanding for loneliness that Covid has brought to gather stories from people. How has loneliness made them feel? How has it affected them? What coping strategies have they developed?

They want to stress that loneliness certainly isn’t an inevitable part of ageing, and in fact that it affects people of all ages and from all communities. They also want to encourage people to remember the kindness and neighbourliness that lockdown has brought and to help to embed it into life beyond Covid.

Please share this video if you can to help Time to Shine and LOPF to gather the stories that will help them to learn more about how to tackle loneliness.