This bulletin, created jointly by local NHS and Council partners, aims to provide an overview of the key messages that we need to get out to local people.

It has been developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and in light of an increase in misinformation being shared across traditional and digital channels. It aims to provide in one place the most up-to-date national and local information that local people can trust.

It has been published in a new format for the first time, which has been developed in light of feedback from a recent survey. As well as the new layout, distribution will change from weekly on a Friday to fortnightly on a Wednesday. The next edition will be Wednesday 30 September.

In this edition, which you can read online here:

  • Fighting COVID-19 infection rates
  • Returning to work after COVID-19
  • New social gathering measures
  • Support to stub it out
  • Focus on sexual health
  • Enhancing your community with playful spaces
  • COVID-19 myth busting
  • Enhance your knowledge with our training webinars
  • Remember, your NHS is here for you