Four sessions have been commissioned, with sessions taking place from December 2023 to February 2024.  The training has proved very popular and does get booked up very quickly

Places are limited to 100 places available on each online workshop. Please only send one member of your team to each of the 4 sessions.

The first session will take place on Thursday 7 December 2023 10-12 pm

Neurodiversity in Females (Please note this is a repeat of sessions held earlier in the year)

If you want to know how neurodiversity presents in females and wonder why they are missed, misunderstood and misdiagnosed this is the workshop for you.

This training will

  • Explore gender differences linking this to evolution
  • Look at how ADHD symptoms present and the difference between males and females
  • Explore the way in which autism traits occur within males and females
  • Help understand more about masking and camouflaging
  • Share the impact of being undiagnosed and misunderstood
  • Discuss why females are being missed and misdiagnosed

The second training session will take place on Wednesday 17 January 2024 1 – 3 pm

Children’s Behavioural Presentations

Children and young people communicate primarily through their behaviours. Many struggle to understand how they feel, what they need and how to express it. It’s important that we acknowledge and understand what could be going on beneath their behaviours.

This training:

  • Will explore the two common subtypes of behaviours
  • Look at the reasons behind why children may present in the way that they do
  • Highlight the power of relationships and ways in which we can use them to help children and young people
  • Provide strategies to help regulate children’s behavioural presentations

The third training will take place on Thursday 25 January 2024 10-12 pm


Our bodies and minds are amazing!
Neurobiology and Neuroscience helps to understand more about our complex systems. It’s important to have a good understanding and awareness of ourselves and also help children and young people to develop theirs. This awareness can have a huge positive impact on all of our relationships.

This training:

  • Will explore the importance of our senses
  • Help to understand sensory processing and the challenges some individuals may face
  • Highlight the links interoception has with respect to our emotional awareness
  • Provide techniques to develop better interoceptive awareness

The final training will be on 7 February 2024 1-3 pm

Autism and gender identity

It’s so important to create a space to explore and help understand more about Autism and young people’s experiences around gender identity. We are seeing increasingly high numbers of autistic young people struggling with this issue.

discussions will be based on experiences around this topic.

This training will:

  • Explore our understanding of autism
  • Delve into autistic young people’s experiences and the impact this can have on developing a sense of identity
  • Clarify our understanding of gender identity and sexuality
  • Highlight some of the links between gender identity and autism with current research

The training is free, and open to any professional supporting children and young people, including the voluntary care sector.

To book a place, please register here: Training with Kalmer Counselling. Bookings will be monitored to ensure equitable access across North East and Yorkshire.