A PhD student at the University of Leeds is developing a questionnaire (survey) to understand and measure how safe it is for adult service users when they are discharged from acute inpatient mental health wards to community settings.

They now want to involve a range of voluntary care sector workers who have experience in supporting service-user mental health transitions to make sure they have their views on keeping service-users safe.

They are proposing 2 X 2 hour Microsoft Teams (virtual) meetings around late November/December (final dates/timings will be arranged to suit as many people as possible). The group will involve discussions about items to include that you think are important in capturing safety, they will share their findings from the earlier literature review and service user interviews.

The study is not about sharing your personal experiences in detail but about developing a questionnaire that everyone will think is useful in understanding and measuring safety at this transition. On the day you will meet with service-users, carers, inpatient and community staff, and safety researchers, who have also been invited to help develop the questionnaire.

Everyone will receive a gift voucher to say thank you.

If you are interested in being involved, please email [email protected].