There are high numbers of cases of Covid-19 in the Headingley and Hyde Park, and the Little London and Woodhouse areas in the city.

The Delta variant is much more transmissible so extra measures should be taken to help reduce its spread, with a focus on areas where the data shows highest rates. This includes ensuring people who are more vulnerable, including Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) and over 50s, are as protected as possible by people around them being vaccinated.

  • Reminders that people over 50 who have not had their vaccination and those who were identified as CEV should take extra precautions – and do anything to help people ensure that they can get the vaccine if they decide to, including accessing information about where they can get this and free transport
  • An enhanced testing approach is being considered and may be rolled out very soon – please support this once it is in place

We also ask that you encourage everyone you’re in contact with to be extra vigilant as this is a key moment for Leeds – actions people take now may be the difference between us seeing another peak or not. You find an overview of current Covid-19 restrictions here. As well as wearing masks, washing hands, keeping distance and letting fresh air circulate, it’s really important that people take lateral flow tests regularly and self isolate if needed, accessing funding to support this if required. You can access the latest guidance on testing here.

The most effective way to protect yourself and others is by getting vaccinated. It is quick, easy and safe. Anyone over the age of 18 is now able to book their vaccine by calling 119. If you know anyone who is eligible but has not had the vaccine and would like to, please encourage/support them to consider the options available to make it as convenient as possible.

There will be a daily Silver group, which Forum Central has been asked to attend, so please get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns and we can raise them there. We will also keep you informed of any further updates.

Volunteering Opportunities

In response to the rise in number of infection rates of Covid-19 cases in the above areas, there are opportunities to get involved and volunteer to support efforts to share health messages about the virus. Activity will include door knocking and promoting messages around testing and vaccination. Daily briefings are taking place at 9.30am the Cardigan Centre, 145 – 149 Cardigan Road, Burley, LS6 1LJ,  for those who are interested in helping out.