By Gill Crawshaw, Development Worker, PSI Network & Volition

Forum Central is a participant in the Urban Impact Programme, a new collaboration between Sociology in Action at the University of Leeds, Leeds City Council’s Graduate Programme and third sector organisations.

Leanna Hills-Joyce is the sociology student carrying out research for Forum Central about using digital tools.

We would be grateful if you would fill in the survey and indicate whether you would be interested in taking part in a focus group. And please pass this on to other members of your team.

Research overview

As part of the Urban Impact Programme, working with Forum Central, this research aims to find out the digital capabilities amongst health and social care third sector workers in Leeds.

The digital world is expanding and this survey is trying to find out how confident workers are with using online facilities at work. This will enable them to support people they work with to make the most of digital and online tools.

The survey will be used to see how confident workers currently are in using online facilities, and from this what recommendations could be made to improve the current status.

We would appreciate if the survey was returned by Monday 13th March. We will also be holding focus groups so we would be very grateful if you could let us know if you are willing to take part.

Please take part using the link:


For more information about this project, please contact:

Leanna Hills -Joyce at [email protected] or

Gill at [email protected]