Volition Welcomes New Member Natal Health

//Volition Welcomes New Member Natal Health

Sharon & Shelley are Midwives for Natal Health CIC which is a social enterprise (not-for-profit) company who provide Bumps and Babes’ Health, Fitness & Education Classes for pregnant and new mothers, together with their babies, to promote an active healthy lifestyle and improve mental, physical and social health & well-being.

Introducing themselves:

We are currently offering our fitness programmes in different settings (studio, water, outdoors) and our evaluation suggests numerous positive outcomes including the improvement of mood following attendance.  This supports the body of research evidence acknowledging that exercise can improve mental health.

Pregnancy and childbirth is recognised as a time when mental health problems can be exacerbated and it is acknowledged that the number of women suffering from mental health problems such as stress and anxiety as 1 in 4, and postnatal depression may affect 10-15%, and many remain hidden & not included in these statistics.  With this in mind, we were successful in obtaining funding from Leeds Community Foundation to offer a project called ‘Aquanatal Babes at Bramley Baths’ which we started in September and will complete in the Summer.

The programme consists of a holistic 6 weeks fitness and relaxation course for postnatal women together with their babies in the pool ( using specifically designed baby slings), followed by an informative session in the studio on self-help coping strategies (such as relaxation, massage,  healthy eating, sleeping) over refreshments.  The classes are designed to enable socialisation, encouraging friendships and peer support and the atmosphere is warm, friendly, supportive and non-judgemental.

The courses to date have been fully booked and we have a plethora of positive evaluation from women attending.

Our next course starts  Monday  5th June 11.30am-12.45pm at Bramley Baths and we accept self-referrals, as well as those from our social/health care colleagues.

Website: bumpsandbabes-yorkshire.co.uk/

Sharon and Shelley can be contacted by email: bumpsandbabes@hotmail.co.uk

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