Women’s Lives Leeds has published the report of a survey conducted by Women Friendly Leeds, which includes the Executive Summary, findings and recommendations.

Women’s Lives Leeds were keen to make sure that the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on women were known, so created an online survey that would provide a quick snapshot of this, with a view that the findings would contribute to the reshaping of services across Leeds. The findings are extensive and detailed and highlight the opinions and experiences of women in Leeds regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

979 women in Leeds responded to the survey in total. A number of key themes that have emerged from the survey. Some are already known across the city, so the findings reaffirm those as priorities and concerns that should be addressed. These themes include: women’s employability; juggling numerous tasks expected of them, such as taking the majority of the burden of childcare, other caring responsibilities, carrying the emotional burden; and greater general household tasks. Some respondents reported that these negatively affected their financial stability, and their mental health and well-being.

The intention is that the findings will be used to inform the city’s COVID-19 recovery response, and be taken into consideration in the future, so that women’s voices will be present in every decision, plan and change that our city makes.

Download the executive summary and report now.