Share your information and insight with us

Help us to showcase the brilliant work that you are doing in your organisation and highlight any challenges you are facing. These insights will influence the strategy and direction of work across the health and care sector in Leeds.

We want to hear about what’s important for your organisation and for the people you support. What are your service users saying and experiencing?

We proudly showcase the activities of the third sector in Leeds and highlight shared challenges we are facing. We do this at a range of different meetings across the city – but we need your insights in order to represent you most effectively.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to share your knowledge, particularly around Covid and its current and continuous impact on your organisation, groups and communities of interest. Find out what we mean by communities of interest on the dedicated Communities of Interest network page.

We have created a simple form you can use to quickly share what you’re hearing and submit feedback to us at any time, on an ongoing basis, outside of conversations or meetings. Please use the form if you have information and insight you would like to share.

You can leave some of the fields blank, there are only a few required fields.

Information you provide may be discussed within Communities of Interest meetings and, if appropriate, shared with partners in the health and care system. We will only share your contact information with your explicit consent.

Thank you for helping to shape our work and the third sector in Leeds by contributing your voice.