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The Physical and Sensory Impairment Network supports third sector organisations that work to improve the lives of Disabled people with physical and sensory impairments or long-term conditions in Leeds.

We promote the social model of disability, and the inclusion, independence and equality of Disabled people.

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What we do

We work to ensure that our members are involved in strategic planning and development of services for Disabled people.

We encourage partnership between agencies and across sectors, and provide information to third sector organisations to support them in delivering high quality services.

We hold networking events, run consultations, and communicate local and national news amongst our members. Our member organisations are at the heart of everything that we do. They are a mixture of:

  • Groups and organisations run by and controlled by Disabled people
  • Organisations commissioned or funded to provide services for Disabled people, including support to live independently, housing or employment support
  • Local groups which run social and other activities
  • Local support groups that are part of large, national charities for people with specific impairments or conditions
  • Disability sport organisations
  • Third sector organisations that support a range of people or communities, and which have specific regard for people with physical and sensory impairments

Network Meetings

We hold regular physical and sensory impairment information and strategy sessions open to everyone with an interest in the disability third sector. These meetings are an opportunity to network, get the latest strategic updates and hear from guest speakers.

If you would like to attend a meeting please email [email protected].

Meeting dates

  • Wednesday 17 April – 12:30 – 2:30
  • Tuesday 4 June – 11:00 – 1:00
  • Tuesday 6 August – 11:00 – 1:00
  • Wednesday 9 October – 1:00 – 3:00
  • Wednesday 4 December – 1:00 – 3:00

Previous Meeting Notes

Notes from previous Information and Strategy network meetings are available to view as Google Docs below.

For more information please contact Helen Brand – [email protected]

2023 Notes

International Day of Disabled People – Leeds For All

International Day of Disabled People (IDODP) is a globally recognised day observed annually on 3 December. The aim of the day is to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilise support for dignity, rights and wellbeing of Disabled people.

The Physical and Sensory Impairment Network has marked IDODP in various ways over the past five years.

The Leeds for All group that was established in 2021 now work together to coordinate a large Marketplace event for International Day of Disabled People in the city every year to celebrate the work of people with sensory impairments and disabilities in Leeds. It provides an opportunity to showcase their ongoing progress and work to make Leeds a more inclusive place for everyone to live in.

The 2023 event took place on Thursday 30 November under the theme of Transformation, Innovation and Inclusion. It showcased not only the great work being done by organisations that are run by and for Disabled people, but it also illustrated the united feeling across the city to make such a valuable pan-disability celebration possible.

We would like to say a big thank you to all who made this event possible and also to those who came along on the day to support us and make the Leeds For All 2023 event so enjoyable!

To read more about the highlights of IDODP 2023, please go to the main IDODP page linked here

Leeds For All 2022 – Watch the highlights video


Physical and sensory impairment include, for example: long-term physical conditions, hearing impairments, visual impairments and mobility impairments

Our member organisations support people through a variety of different ways including:

Independent living, housing and specialist supported housing
Carer support, employment support, peer support, one to one support
Information and advice, campaigning and awareness
Healthy living, sport, social activities, accessible transport, art and wellbeing

To find out more about our members please search the Forum Central members directory

For more information on joining please contact us.


We work to ensure that third sector disability organisations are involved, along with the rest of the health and care sector, in major strategic developments that go beyond our specialist areas – It is important that disability organisations have a voice in this work.

Our members and the Forum Central team also take up opportunities to represent the third sector at boards, meetings and steering groups on issues that affect Disabled people, such as transport, housing and employment.

Better Lives Board

The Board oversees and provides leadership for implementation of Adults and Health’s Better Lives Programme.

Chair: Phil Gleeson, Leeds Involving People and Volition Trustee

Forum Central Representation: Helen Brand, PSI Development Worker

Inclusion for All Action Group

This group, chaired by Healthwatch Leeds was established in November 2019 aims to bring together representatives from health and care organisations across the city to address the effective implementation of the Accessible Information Standard, which became law in 2016 and makes accessibility a legal requirement for particular

Aiming to provide energy, ideas, actions to making health and care services in Leeds accessible for all communities. Focusing on actions and moving this important agenda forward, with commitments to taking actions individually, within own organisations and collectively as a city.

The group was established, following findings and recommendations from the Visual Impairments Snapshot report which Healthwatch Leeds produced in 2019.

Versions of the report can be found here 

Physical & Sensory Impairment News & Events

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