Cost-of-Living and Cost Pressures

Cost-of-Living and Cost Pressures2023-10-23T12:47:17+01:00

Forum Central is supporting our members to ensure the third sector remains strong through the current financial pressures.

Third sector infrastructure in Leeds is well-established but must be supported to rise to the challenges being faced at this very difficult time.

To support local people and communities get through the cost-of-living crisis services provided by Third Sector organisations are vital. Forum Central is working to provide evidence of challenges facing the third sector workforce, producing recommendations to support third sector organisations and working with system  partners to influence at the highest level. The whole health and care system facing financial pressures and the voice of the third sector must be heard.

Cost Pressures Evidence

As the Cost-of-Living crisis hit in 2022 Forum Central asked member organisations to share how it was affecting their organisation.

This survey gathers evidence about the impact of cost pressures and potential risks to staff, services, and organisation viability.

The first survey highlighted shared concerns across the sector about workforce retention and rising costs. Multiple factors present risks to the health and wellbeing of the third sector workforce, such as low pay and staff dealing with the impact of cost-of-living crisis individually and the stress of work pressure from increasing demand on services. This evidence led Forum Central to establish the Third Sector HR Network.

Survey Summaries of Results

We have repeated short surveys quarterly since September 2022. The evidence gathered helps Forum Central to understand:

  • The gravity of the situation.
  • The support third sector organisations need.
  • How we work with system partners to provide better collective solutions.

The results from each survey are available on the links below (Google docs published for web)

Watch the Sept/Oct 2023 results explained (video, 8 mins)

Cost-of-Living Resources

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