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Third Sector Resilience in West Yorkshire & Harrogate

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2020-07-03T11:17:15+01:003rd July 2020|

The West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership's Harnessing the Power of Communities Programme have published their latest report, titled ‘Third Sector Resilience: Before and during COVID-19’. Working closely with over 300 voluntary and community organisations [...]

Face Covering Travel Assistance Cards

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2020-07-01T10:33:20+01:001st July 2020|

From June 15, Government guidelines require people to wear a face covering on public transport, with some exemptions for children, disabled people or people with breathing difficulties.  A full list of exemptions from wearing a face covering [...]

Communities of Interest Virtual Session 23 June | Notes & Recording

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2020-07-01T08:04:32+01:001st July 2020|

The latest Communities of Interest virtual session held on 23rd June featured a discussion around how we can be proactive in working with our communities to prevent outbreaks and keep people safe and well. Notes from the [...]

Department of Health: Leeds One of Six ‘Walk Through’ Testing Sites

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2020-06-29T13:20:11+01:0029th June 2020|

A Department of Health press release highlights the six new ‘walk through’ local testing sites now offering appointments to people in England, one of which is just outside Leeds City Centre.  Health Secretary calls on country to [...]