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Forum Central partner Leeds Older People’s Forum deliver our specialist work focussed on older people.

Leeds Older People’s Forum (LOPF) was established in March 1994 and promotes the wellbeing of all older people in Leeds. LOPF gives a more powerful voice to older people in shaping their city for the benefit of all.

LOPF do this through their work to: 

  • Influence policies and practices 
  • Challenge discrimination with positive narratives of growing older 
  • Enable social participation at every level 
  • Identify and promote the needs of older people through research and project evaluation 
  • Share information and best practice of other organisations that work with older people
LOPF logo and Yellow hexagon to represent Forum Central Older People work.

Older People Workstreams

Leeds Older People’s Forum has several core workstreams including discharge from hospital (Enhance), dementia, housing, inter-generational work, International Day of Older People, the Neighbourhood Networks and social isolation.


Enhance supports safe and sustainable discharge from hospital and neighbourhood teams into a secure home environment and link Neighbourhood Teams with third sector organisations to enhance capacity in both sectors and avoid both delayed discharges and readmissions.


We’ve worked with our members and Public to produce the key foundations of a policy for Housing and Older People in Leeds. At its heart is the fundamental importance of involving older people and organisations that represent them and work with them in the development and future monitoring of the policy.


We have championed inter-generational practice, its mutual benefits to young and old, and power to create stronger communities. We believe that inter-generational work can help meet many of the city’s priorities. We recently produced a report on intergenerational work in Leeds entitled ‘Generations United in Leeds’ which can be downloaded in the Information and Resources section on this page.


We are actively engaged in campaigning to make Leeds a “City For All Ages.” Campaigning strands include hospital discharges, housing, making Leeds an Age and Dementia Friendly City, and LOPF’s Manifesto.

International Day of Older Persons

Each year, since 1998, Leeds has celebrated the International Day of Older People (1st October). These celebrations extend beyond that day, usually for around a week and a half through a series of community events. Many of these receive small grants of up to £200 via LOPF. The aim of IDOP is to promote the contribution older people make to the city.

Neighbourhood Networks

There are 37 Neighbourhood Networks in Leeds. The Neighbourhood Networks are community based, locally led third sector organisations. They enable older people to live independently and pro-actively participate in their communities. They provide services that reduce social isolation and provide opportunities for volunteering. And act as a “gateway” to advice, information and services that promote health and wellbeing to improve quality of life for older people in the city.

Dementia Friendly Leeds

Leeds Older People’s Forum employ two Friendly Communities workers who work in partnership with Alzheimer’s Society and Leeds City Council.

They work with people living with dementia and their families and carers. They also encourage local groups and organisations to join the Dementia Action Alliance, and support community projects to help neighbourhoods become more dementia friendly.

To keep up to date follow @leedsdaa on Twitter and like @dementiafriendlyleeds on Facebook.


Leeds Older People’s Forum (LOPF) has a membership of over 80 voluntary sector organisations working with older people across Leeds. This includes the Neighbourhood Networks in Leeds.

Members of LOPF provide services dedicated to older people though they are not necessarily an older people’s organisation.

To see who our members are see the Forum Central members directory or check the list LOPF members

How to join

For information on how to join see the membership page.


LOPF Trustees and staff are involved in many local, regional and national strategic groups which cover issues of relevance and concern to older people. We also meet regularly with local councillors, commissioners and managers from local health and social care.


The Best City to Grow Older in Board

  • Bill Rollinson
  • John Welham

Leeds Age Friendly Partnership

  • Bill Rollinson (Joint Chair)
  • Linda Glew
  • John Welham

Equalities Assembly Age Hub

  • John Welham


Future Years (Yorkshire & Humber Forum Ageing)

  • John Welham (Vice Chair)

Yorkshire & Humber Dementia Action Alliance

  • John Welham


U.K. Advisory Forum on Ageing (including Working Groups: Transport; Age Friendly Environments and Safe, Warm Homes)

  • John Welham

Age Action Alliance (AAA) “Money Matters” working group

  • John Welham

Care & Repair England’s National Older People’s Housing Champions Network

  • Bill Rollinson
  • John Welham

Strategic Information

Making Leeds the Best City to Grow Old In is one of Leeds City Council’s seven breakthrough projects. These projects provide a focus on priorities in key areas of work for the city. This breakthrough project plan is based on the eight World Health Organisation (WHO) Age Friendly City domains:

Civic Participation/Employment
Communication and Information

Social Participation

Outdoor spaces and buildings
Respect and Social Inclusion

Community Support and Health Services

They are also reflected in the Age Friendly Charter which was launched jointly by Leeds Older People’s Forum and Leeds City Council. It specifies pledge that citizens and a range of organisations to adopt to contribute to making Leeds Age Friendly. The pledges were written in consultation with older people in Leeds.

The cities’ key ageing and ageing related strategies are:

Living Well with Dementia in Leeds

Leeds City Council is currently reviewing a range of provision it commissions for older people including; residential care, home care, day centres, community meals and Neighbourhood Network Schemes.

Older People news and events

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