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About Local Care Partnerships

Local Care Partnership (LCP) is the term adopted in Leeds to describe the model of joined-up team working intended to improve health and care delivery to local people. 

Forum Central are supporting the development of this work, with a focus on establishing strong Third Sector voices across the LCPs.

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What are Local Care Partnerships?

Local Care Partnerships work to improve health and care delivery to local people, a requirement set out in the NHS PlanThere are currently 15 Local Care Partnerships (LCPs) within Leeds. Every LCP is different, but generally each will have representation from: 

LCPs may also have representatives from others including secondary care, housing, employment services, faith groups and have citizens involved. The LCPs are mapped onto the same footprints as the Primary Care Networks (PCN) however some PCNs have come together to work under a single LCP.

Each LCP will set its own priorities and practices, and will meet periodically to set priorities, share learning and plan work. LCPs are are a different way of working which seeks to make better use of assets within communities.  

  • Asset mapping 
  • Relationship building 
  • Sharing of data and intelligence
  • Intervention design 
  • Bidding for funds
  • Case management/Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) working

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The Local Care Partnerships team

Pip Goff, Third Sector and Community Local Care Partnerships Development Manager and Forum Central Local Care Partnerships Development Officer, Karl Witty work closely with the City’s Local Care Partnership Development Team to ensure that the Third Sector has a strong voice within the LCPs. 

The Third Sector is represented at Local Care Partnership Programme Board by the following Third Sector Reps: 
Claire Holmes, Holbeck Together
Emma Holmes, Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service
Sharon Brown, Touchstone

Local Care Partnerships Development Team members:

Kim Adams, Programme Director: [email protected]
Rachel Ainscough, Senior Development Manager: [email protected]
Neil Maguire, Development Manager: [email protected]
Kate Frost, Development Manager: [email protected]
Graham Hyde, Local Care Partnership Intelligence Manager: [email protected]
Abiola Ajijola, Project Officer: [email protected]
Ana Mesarovic, Project Officer: [email protected]

How do I join a Local Care Partnership?

You can join any LCP however, you will get more value from being involved with an LCP which connects with you or your organisation.   
Here are some things you may wish to consider when choosing an LCP or LCPs for you and your organisation.

  • Is your work focused around a particular geographical community?
  • Does your work connect with the current priorities of an LCP?
  • Do you feel comfortable in the group? Do you feel like you can contribute to the LCP? 

When you have identified an LCP which you feel is a good fit, or if you would value a conversation, contact Karl Witty at [email protected] 

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Karl Witty

Karl Witty

Local Care Partnerships Development Worker

Karl supports the ongoing development of the Local Care Partnerships (LCPs), promoting a strong and effective presence from the third sector in each area.

Karl brings a broad range of skills and experience to the role, gained through 12 years working in Higher Education, and the past two years working in the third sector.

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