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About Local Care Partnerships

Local Care Partnership is the term adopted in Leeds to describe the model of joined-up team working to improve health and care delivery to local people, a requirement set out in the NHS Plan.


What we do

Local Care Partnerships across 19 different Leeds neighbourhoods link closely to the new Primary Care Networks funded by NHS England, bringing valuable partnership input from the Third Sector, Housing and elected councillors alongside Primary Care, other NHS health care services and children and adult social care.

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Local Care Partnerships – Strategic Information

Leeds is divided geographically into 19 areas which will increasingly be the building blocks delivering the NHS Plan and Leeds Health and Wellbeing strategy in local neighbourhoods.

Each LCP will use a multi-agency approach working with staff and local resources including those which impact on the wider determinants of health, such as housing or employment. LCPs include the medical practices clustered as Primary Care Networks (PCNs).

Local Care Partnerships offer Third Sector opportunities for engagement across a diversity of organisations – including hyperlocal, citywide and regional despite differences in capacity and resources. They are each at different stages of development.

There are many ways that we can build on Social Value and Community Assets, including links with the ABCD approach and there may be potential for future funding.


Local Care Partnerships Development Team members:

Kim Adams Programme Director: [email protected]

Rachel Ainscough Senior Development Manager: [email protected]

Neil Maguire Development Manager: [email protected]

Graham Hyde Local Care Partnership Intelligence Manager: [email protected]

Pip Goff Third Sector and Community Local Care Partnerships Development Manager: [email protected]

Hannah McGurk Health Improvement Specialist (Frailty): [email protected]

Liam Lane Project Support Officer: [email protected]

Ben Doyle Project Support Officer: [email protected]

Akosua Sarpong Project Support Officer: [email protected]

Contact Us

Karl Witty

Karl is the Development Worker - Local Care Partnerships (LCP)

His role supports the ongoing development of the Local Care Partnerships, promoting a strong and effective presence from the third sector across the 19 areas.

An active networker, Karl’s time in role is split between supporting work within LCPs and working with the diverse third sector and statutory partners to enhance engagement.

Karl brings a broad range of skills and experiences to the role, amassed through 12 years working in Higher Education, and the past two years working in the VCSE.

As a father of two, Karl spends most of his spare time having fun in the park, playing football, riding bikes and messing about with Lego. When he’s not doing this he enjoys listening to music and podcasts.