Karen is the Volition Operations Manager

Karen is Operations Manager for Volition and has been a member of the team since August 2019. Karen works closely with Pip, Rachel and our boards to oversee the delivery of the Forum Central contract and workstreams. Karen provides support and management within the Volition staff team, with a focus on strengthening high level involvement of members, seeking ways to further develop the sector’s role locally and build on our growth and impact in recent years.

She has a wide range of experience working in both NHS and VCS health organisations in the city for over 15 years, with particular experience relating to involvement, social marketing, organisational learning and community development, and holds educational qualifications in Health & Social Care Management, Marketing and Events. Many moons ago Karen also ran a successful children’s entertainment company and she still enjoys a good Hokey Cokey.

Leeds born and bred, she is very passionate about the city, the people who live here, and our organisation’s role in addressing health inequalities and increasing wellbeing for all. When not at work Karen enjoys spending as much time as possible outside exploring with her nearest and dearest.

Email: [email protected]