The national Synergi project of The National Survivor User Network (NSUN) is offering grants of £5,000 to build power and take collective action on mental health and racial justice within an abolitionist framework.

Please note: NSUN Synergi is different to Synergi Leeds, although both are connected through a shared purpose – to address the same injustice; health inequalities which black people and people of colour experience specifically in relation to mental health.

NSUN’s Synergi fund will work to support grassroots campaigning at the intersection between abolition, mental health and racial justice.

“Collectively we hope to dream, build and practice being in the world we need for our liberation from carceral structures of care.”

We know from the data (in this report) that anti-Blackness is particularly prevalent within the mental health system and as a result  50% of the funding will be ring-fenced for groups led by and for communities racialised as Black.


How to apply

*EXTENDED DEADLINE* Applications to this fund will be closed at 5pm on 14th June 2024.

You can begin the application process via the online eligibility form here. You can download the form as a Word document here and send the completed document to [email protected].

If you’re not able to fill out the form, we can arrange a phone call with you to fill it out with you. If English is not your first language and you would like to have an interpreter, we may be able to pay their costs. Please email  [email protected] or call us at 020 7820 8982 for help.

Visit NSUN Synergi for more information

Further information about the fund, including a video of an information webinar, can be found on the NSUN Synergi Fund Round 2 Democratising Policy website page.