The Check-in campaign from West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership aims to initiate wellbeing conversations to help reduce the stigma associated with mental health difficulties and to eliminate judgement.

We want to promote a working culture across West Yorkshire where looking after ourselves and our colleagues is a priority.

Know the signs

We’ve been working through unprecedented and stressful times. Your mental health matters and you need to look out for yourself. How have you been feeling?

  • Feeling alone?
  • Burnt out and exhausted?
  • In a ‘fog’ all the time?
  • Can’t concentrate?
  • Emotional and tearful?
  • Restless and agitated?
  • Don’t want to talk?
  • Or do anything?
  • Questioning the meaning of life?
  • Finding it hard to cope?
  • Feeling like a burden?

If you have ticked more than four of these boxes, you should check-in with a colleague or your line manager. If you don’t want to talk you can find some useful resources here 

We are only human

Just because you spend most of the day looking after or thinking about others it doesn’t mean you are super-human. We need to look after each other and speak up if we’re not ok. Take care of yourself and take care of your colleagues and working together we can prevent staff suicide across West Yorkshire.

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