We are delighted to welcome Shore-Up CIC, one of our latest members to join Volition and Forum Central. Here’s a bit more about them:

Shore-Up CIC is a new Social Enterprise based in Leeds. They are an occupational therapy led,
community based organisation supporting those with and without mental health difficulties
living in Leeds.

The Shore-Up Social Club: A monthly meeting where members spend time together doing a variety of actitvies. The idea is to come along, do something you enjoy or try something new and see if being with people in the context of activity makes a difference to how you feel.

They meet online on Zoom and at Heart in Headingley alternating each month between online and face to face (details are on their website)

Workplace Wellbeing webinars and workshops: Occupational therapy based workshops and webinars focussed on:

  • Relaxation and self-care
  • Spaces and places
  • Time use and planning

Occupational Therapy group work: They have a new pilot group starting in September offering occupational therapy group work programme for individuals with experience of chronic mental health difficulties not currently accessing statutory services. More details about referring to this group will be coming soon!

Website www.shore-up.co.uk | Twitter @ShoreUpCIC | Email [email protected]