The Leeds Health and Care Partnership (LHCP) has created an Involvement Library to collect and share the valuable insight involvement activities create to help them make improvements to their services.

The Leeds Involvement Library is a database to store any documents or reports that help meet this aim. If you have been involved in a piece of work where you’ve written an engagement report, summarised key themes and suggestions from patient feedback or have a document you think is worth sharing then the LHCP want to add it to the library!

The LHCP will use this database to capture reports and experience that will be added to future updates of their insight reports (visit the Leeds Health and Care Partnership website for more information on these reports).

Almost any file type can be added to the library, including videos (up to a certain size if it’s the actual file).

If you have any questions or issues with the form, please contact Adam Stewart on [email protected] or call 0113 221 7723.

Complete the form today: LHCP Involvement Library submission form.