A city wide health and care programme of engagement, development and culture change has been launched and our third sector members are invited to get involved.

Team Leeds Hearts and Minds will shape the way we work together to improve people’s outcomes and experience of health and care in Leeds.

The aims of the programme are to:

  • Encourage our health and care workforce to work in partnership across organisations and influence how we can all work even better together
  • Recognise the unique experiences of our workforce during the pandemic
  • Learn from previous experiences to build on success, make improvements, and strengthen the delivery of person-centred, joined up health and care

There are many inspiring examples of partnership working throughout our Third Sector and the programme team want to learn from your experience of what works well, and hear what still gets in the way of us working together across the health and care system. Your feedback will support senior leaders to effectively plan and make decisions to benefit our workforce and the people of Leeds.  

If you are keen to contribute, but feeling short of time, please contact us so we can support you to share your views, case studies or ideas.

How you can get involved

Hold a Team Leeds Chat with your team using the four simple questions below. The chats will enable your teams to share their experiences, and help to shape the future of Team Leeds.

1.How has it felt for you during the pandemic? (this provides an opportunity for everyone to pause, listen & acknowledge any challenges, or indeed opportunities, the pandemic has brought and to share how it’s been for them).

2.Have you been able to work together with colleagues from different health, care or third sector teams /services during the pandemic? And what benefits has that brought? (this is a way to hear about and collect anecdote or stories of successful joined-up /integrated working: what worked well; what would be ‘even better if’ and to establish a baseline to tell us if our workforce thinks that joined-up, integrated health and care matters to them).

3.What might make it easier for you, or encourage you, to build effective relationships with colleagues in other health, care or third sector teams/ services? (this will guide senior leaders in ways to shape, develop and improve our networks).

4.What steps will you take now to build connections with other colleagues in other health, care or third sector teams/ services? (this is your call to action, think about what you and your team can do right now to embrace a Team Leeds culture)

After the chat, share your reflections by completing an online survey:

We would love you to share your personal stories and reflections of successful joined-up, integrated health and care that you have been involved in.

We want to hear examples of how individuals / teams and organisations have been able to work together in different ways as a result of the pandemic.

We would like to widely share your experiences of achieving positive outcomes for improving people’s experience of health and care, how it felt for you and any learning you may have gained as a result of trying things differently.

Please email your story to the Team Leeds Hearts & Minds programme team: [email protected]

The full programme information and resources can be viewed here: www.leedsheartsandminds.org.uk

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the programme team on:  [email protected]