Would you like to sign up to become a Leeds Winter Friend and support those around you who may be more vulnerable at this time of year?

What is a winter friend?

A Winter Friend is someone you can rely on, who genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others around them. A Winter friend can help to support others in their own community who may be in five vulnerable categories:

  • People living with frailty,
  • People living with a disability or illness, both physical & mental health,
  • Pregnant women,
  • Families with young children.

The winter months are often the most challenging for vulnerable people, and the Winter Friends team want to provide advice and support on how people can help their family, friends and neighbours during this time. Helping a friend with their shopping, clearing snow off a neighbour’s drive or inviting someone round for a cup of tea are all ways someone could be a Winter Friend.

Sign up today to be Winter Friend

You can sign up to be a Winter Friend here.

There are a range of useful links and easy to download resources available on the website to help with physical health, mental wellbeing, children and families, and overall winter wellness. You can explore what is available on the Winter Friends website.