The Charity Commission’s new digital service is causing delays

Charity commission updated their digital platform last summer but many charities have not been able to login to submit their latest accounts.

If you having issues call them on 0300 066 9197.

Advice from Yorkshire Funders is to call at 9.00am to try avoid lengthy waiting times. These can stretch to 60 minutes plus.

An account from one of Yorkshire Funders’ members is as follows:
After trying for seven months to get the new login via the Charity Commission’s hotline and email, they were finally told the day before Christmas Eve what the cause of the issue was. Charity Commission had two different email addresses listed for the Trust Manager (as she handles the administration for two charities) and their digital system would not provide a login until this was changed.

Organisations are advised to be persistent with support requests and for Charity Commission to delve deeper and find out exactly what the issue is so it can be quickly rectified.

Grant assessors are encourage to be flexible and bear this in mind when reviewing accounts on the Charity Commission portal.