Deafblind UK has developed a training project called Friendship Guarantee. The project aims to support groups and activity providers in ensuring that your offer is accessible to people living with dual sensory loss. This doesn’t normally lead to any suggestions of major changes, just some good advice and a greater understanding of the additional challenges people face, so that this good practice can be incorporated into your daily activities. They will also be able to offer free online Deafblind Awareness upskilling session places to your staff and volunteers.

After you have taken part, Deafblind UK will add your opportunities to an interactive web map and listing, so that they can encourage our deafblind citizens in the area to engage confidently with your opportunities.

In order to take part, Deafblind UK would like to have a phone call with you to gather some information about your venue and the services you offer. This is so that they can provide you with the most relevant suggestions and upskilling opportunities. They can then send these recommendations to you, via printed or digital formats, to help you become more accessible to people with sensory loss.

Please email [email protected] to get involved.