The Department for Transport (DfT) is conducting a campaign to make public transport accessible to Disabled people. The campagin aims to show how we can all play a part in making public transport more inclusive.

To help the DfT increase the impact of the campaign, they are asking partners from throughout society to support by:

  • Sharing the materials – Share the materials within the toolkit linked below across your channels to help spread the message. You could use them across social media, your website or owned media.
  • Co-branding your campaigns and assets – Use the ‘it’s everyone’s journey’ logo on communications focused on inclusive transport. This will help to unite activity under an umbrella brand, reach a wider audience, and deliver a bigger impact.
  • Creating and sharing real-life stories – Provide case studies which helps to tell more of the story around the campaign. If you are a transport operator, share stories demonstrating the importance of infrastructure or staff training improvements; if you are a charity or organisation representing disabled people, you can help by raising awareness of the needs of disabled people when using public transport and how individual actions can make a difference.

For more info and to access the toolkit, please use this link: It’s Everyone’s Journey toolkit.